UPGRADE #1. The Golden Ticket

  • NEW Ready-to-Earn Commission Machine Built For You Every Month

    Every month you’re getting a done-for-you Commission Machine created for you by Michael Cheney  himself. You just take the affiliate campaign and paste it into your Facebook updates, your blog or your autoresponder (if you have one). Making money doesn’t get any easier than this.

  • LIVE & Exclusive Commission Machine Webinar Every Month

    You’re personally invited to join Michael Cheney for a live and exclusive training webinar every single month. You’ll watch live on screen as Michael creates a new Commission Machine right in front of your eyes and reveals his big affiliate successes from the previous month which you can copy. Great learning, great earning.

  • Done-for-you Bonuses Which Make You More Sales & More Money

    You’ll have buyers frantically pulling out their credit cards and buying through your affiliate link every time with these ready-made Bonuses. Forget buying crappy PLR or struggling trying to create a bonus for hours on end because Michael will create them for you. And bonuses = more sales for you.

  • VIP Access to Secret Insider Case Studies on The Hottest Promos

    You’re getting making-making insider case studies from Michael Cheney directly on the hottest affiliate promos. What’s selling, what’s hot and what you need to promote. Plus you’ll also get profitable insights into Michael’s personal affiliate strategies for maximizing your commissions with each promotion.

  • Exclusive, Personal & Direct Access to Michael Cheney Himself

    You’re getting highly lucrative and unprecedented access to Michael Cheney without having to pay the $1000 / hour rate he charges for consultancy. You’ll see dramatic big-money breakthroughs by taking advantage of these live and interactive group Q & A sessions conducted at the end of every monthly live webinar.

  • Exclusive VIP Access to All Recordings in Golden Ticket Members Area

    You’ll never miss any of the money-making tips and insights because every single VIP Webinar Recording will be placed in your Golden Ticket members area within 24 hours of being broadcast. Watch. Learn. Earn. Or just grab the ready-made Commission Machine which Michael creates for you every month instead.

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UPGRADE #2. Complete Done-for-You Service

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