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What Is The Commission Machine?

I started noticing dropping open-rates, clickthru rates and profits from my affiliate promos.

So I started hunting for answers.

What I found changed my business. I dubbed it "The Commission Machine" - it's a series of proven steps that changed everything.

I made tons more sales, got masses of praise for my promos, got approached by legends of IM to teach them and had a ton more fun in the process.

I used the method to make sales from my list and just by posting stuff on FB and my blog (no ads) - very appealing to newbies.

So I revealed my methods to a select few of my students and they got kick-ass results punching above their weight and dominating affiliate leaderboards.

Before long I was teaching this stuff to all my closest IM buddies and realized it was a product in the making.

And The Commission Machine was born.

Upto $156 Commissions & Recurring!

The Front-End is the $19.95 Commission Machine - this is a series of step-by-step video tutorials which show people exactly how to build their own "commission machine" using my patented "R.A.P.I.D." process. (Research, Angle, Provide Incentive, Deploy). They can even do this without a list. You get 100% commission on this.

The first upsell is "The Golden Ticket" ($27/mo. or $197 lifetime). This gives buyers the unique opportunity to join me behind the scenes in the "Commission Machine" Factory and watch me create an entire affiliate promotion live on their screen (monthly webinar). Every "machine" that's built is then given to Golden Ticket members to use as their own. The downsell gives them recordings of the webinars and all produced "commission machines" just not live access to the webinars. ($17/mo. or $124 lifetime). You get 50% on the Lifetime option and 50% of all recurring options.

The second upsell ($97) is a Done-for-you Service which gives buyers 7 done-for-you commission machines ready to deploy. This includes all messages / emails, bonus items and strategy. They simply copy and paste (into their blog / Facebook / autoresponder) and make commissions. You get 50% commission on this.

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