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STEP #1. Get Your Affiliate Link

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STEP #2. Personalize Your Affiliate Tools

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STEP #3. See Product & Funnel

What Is The Commission Machine?

I started noticing dropping open-rates, clickthru rates and profits from my affiliate promos.

So I started hunting for answers.

What I found changed my business. I dubbed it "The Commission Machine" - it's a series of proven steps that changed everything.

I made tons more sales, got masses of praise for my promos, got approached by legends of IM to teach them and had a ton more fun in the process.

I used the method to make sales from my list and just by posting stuff on FB and my blog (no ads) - very appealing to newbies.

So I revealed my methods to a select few of my students and they got kick-ass results punching above their weight and dominating affiliate leaderboards.

Before long I was teaching this stuff to all my closest IM buddies and realized it was a product in the making.

And The Commission Machine was born.

Upto $303 Commissions & Recurring!

The Front-End is the $9.95 Commission Machine - this is a series of step-by-step video tutorials which show people exactly how to build their own "commission machine" using my patented "R.A.P.I.D." process. (Research, Angle, Provide Incentive, Deploy). They can even do this without a list. You get 100% commission on this.

The first upsell is "The Golden Ticket" ($27/mo. or $197 lifetime). This gives buyers the unique opportunity to join me behind the scenes in the "Commission Machine" Factory and watch me create an entire affiliate promotion live on their screen (monthly webinar). Every "machine" that's built is then given to Golden Ticket members to use as their own. The downsell gives them recordings of the webinars and all produced "commission machines" just not live access to the webinars. ($17/mo. or $124 lifetime). You get 100% on the Lifetime option and 100% of their initial payment (and 50% thereafter) if they take the recurring option.

The second upsell ($97) is a Done-for-you Service which gives buyers 7 done-for-you commission machines ready to deploy. This includes all messages / emails, bonus items and strategy. They simply copy and paste (into their blog / Facebook / autoresponder) and make commissions. You get 100% commission on this.

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STEP #4. Win Cash / Prizes (You Choose!)

1st Place Prize:
Terminator Stained Glass ($4000)

Want to turn your house into a religious shrine to a fictitious human-killing robot?

Then look no further than this beautiful work of art sure to offend all your neighbors.

The added bonus is it will keep kids away at Halloween too giving you more indisturbed time to prepare for the rise of the machines...

Cash Value: $4000


2nd Place Prize: Battle-Damaged Terminator Bust ($2000)

Nothing says "style" more than a bloodied, mangled bust of a half-man, half machine adorning your Victorian mantelpiece.

Make your neighbors green with envy by carrying your bullet-riddled Arnie with you to Walmart.

You'll soon be the talk of the town and for all the right reasons.*

*(Okay, possibly not for all the right reasons).

Cash Value: $2000


3rd Place: Terminator 2 Endoskeleton Statue ($1500)

How awesome would it be to have your own LIFE SIZE replica of a Terminator?

Sadly that was wayyyyyy too expensive.

So feast your eyes on this 1/4 size little number instead.

Small, perfectly formed and capable of killing three men per second (just like Donald Trump's hairpiece I believe).

I may possibly have exaggerated the claims about killing.

Cash Value: $1500


4th Place: Sarah Connor T1000 Disguise Model ($1000)

In terms of Hollywood quality models which closely replicate the actual movie characters this artpiece is the best of the best.

Sure - it's not the most expensive at $1000 but it's nearly the best of the best.

And yes - granted - it's a bit obscure and "niche" considering it portrays the T1000 disguising itself as Sarah Connor.

And admittedly the hair looks a little whack...

But if getting off on butch looking women who resemble male robots is your thing then - BINGO!

Cash Value: $1000


5th Place Prize: T800 Terminator Statue ($750)

Save thousands on attack dogs, burglar alarms and bodyguards by leaving this Arnie statue on your front porch instead.

Admittedly it's only 1/6 size so you will need to shrink your porch (and house) accordingly to make it seem legit.

Oh and it just stands there.

No noises. No movement. No flashing lights.

Just a mini-Arnie standing there looking hard.

It could work though, you never know.*

*(Okay it's not gonna work but it'll look better on your porch than that dying plant you have there right now.)

Cash Value: $750


6th Place Prize: Terminator 2: Plasma Rifle ($500)

This Plasma Rifle is pretty darned powerful...

It can kill a humanoid from 100 paces.

It can penetrate even the strongest tank armor.

And it can make you the most powerful person in the world! Muhahahahahaha!

That is - until you wake up and realize you've been running round your neighborhood with a 1/2 scale replica making "Pyooo-pyooo!" laser sounds.

No - sadly - this is not a real usable weapon (unless caving someone's head in with it counts but that would be a waste of great art, model-making and craftsmanship wouldn't it?).

Cash Value: $500


7th Place Prize: Eyes-Lighting Full-Size Terminator Skull ($350)

This is bad ass.

It's a terminator skull.

It's full-size.

Its eyes light up.

And it will scare the bejeezus out of your house guests.

What's not to like?

Cash Value: $350


8th Place Prize: Arnie's Actual Jacket* ($250 Value)

What if you could own Arnold Schwarzenneger's very own black leather jacket?

* Well it's not really Arnie's jacket so tough titties. I looked into it and it would be cheaper to design, develop and build your own working terminator robot...

But worry ye not;

Because thanks to the miracle of online shopping you can get your hands on this patented black leather jacket which looks almost the same and is almost as good.

(Constipated male model not included).

Cash Value: $250


9th Place Prize: T800 Full-Size Terminator Arm ($150)

Trust me...

Nothing puts a smile on your partner's face more than them waking up in the middle of the night to the gentle touch from a T800 skeleton arm.

The look on their little faces is priceless.

It's a memory you can both share forever and hold dear in your hearts (at least until the divorce goes through).

Cash Value: $150


10th Place Prize: Iconic Arnie Shades ($100 Value)

Actually - for $100 you're just getting a generic pair of 1980s sunglasses but what do you want - blood?

You can strut down the street (or your own personal corridors of power) feeling and looking like a million dollars.

Or at least $100 anyway...

Lasers and Arnie are not included.

Cash Value: $100


STEP #5. Who Will Win The $4000 Top Prize?

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